Sunday, March 15, 2009

The College of Matt and Science

Oh, sure, the sign says "Play with the Toys!"; Why Not?
It's a funny little store in Old Town.

Did I say little store? The floor space is only 6 by 12 feet!

You could spend a lot of time here if you're not claustrophobic !
"I can has some toys, No? Pleeeze, Jeanne; Lemme buy just one more toy! I be good. Promise!"

The guy who owns it is named Matt Hannifin
He can explain in easy to understand words how each toy works! Here he's explaining the physics behind a gyroscope to an 11 year old.

No, this is not another one of those infamous 'Bong' pictures!
Matt has spent some time in Australia and learned how to play a didgeridoo just like the Aborigines do the didgeridoo too!  

And boomerangs! He loves boomerangs.  Illustrates Bernoulli's principle it does!
Also Operator of the following: Hot air & Helium balloons, laser shows and fireworks displays.  Speaks six languages, has degrees in laser electro-optics, taught college prep physics and chemistry and, least but not last, can ride a unicycle.  Knows about Edmond Scientific and American Science and Surplus! Anyone who knows about these fine American institutions must be legit!

I couldn't resist putting in this sound track!