Friday, October 16, 2009

It's All About a Bridge Named BOB !

If you visit Avon Colorado:

They have a bridge named simply "Bob".

A 150 foot span over the Eagle river, the Bob bridge was the result of a "Name that Bridge" contest in Avon, Colorado. Not much to it, actually, but the idea has spawned all kinds of "Bob" related happenings, Bob-festivals, Bob-B-Q's as well as annual pilgrimages of Bobophiles from all over the world.

Under Bob

There is a laminated wooden arch holding an old aquaduct from an earlier time. Then of course, there is the Eagle River with it's white water!

There are whitewater runs under the Bob Bridge. As one might expect, there is an easy kayak run called "Baby Bob", an intermediate run called "Junior Bob" and a more advanced run called "Senior Bob".

The water under the bridge is called "Avon Whitewater Park"

where you might see kayaks bobing in the ice cold water. It won't cost you a shilling (bob). Women with bob haircuts get in free!. If the water is frozen bobsleds are used to slide down the river. Pembroke Welsh Corgi dogs with their bob tails can cross the bridge without fear (as Duncan Madog can attest).

Life Jackets are required by law!

Wear a helmet too!