Building a Goblet Drum

LOOK! Here's an update ==> CLICK HERE! to see a few bits I have added to this mess as of April 14, 2000 !


Yes! You too can make your own drum! See below for details on how it's done ! Do it today !

The 'cats and chicks' in the picture are here to show YOU the result of the DRUM BUILDING EXPERIMENT. If you wish to know more about it, you will have to look closely at the EXPERIMENT below and click on the hypertext where appropriate. Come on! Get off yer butt and build your very own DRUM!

The Experiment!
  1. Introduction to the Experimental Design Why the hell do I do these things?
  2. Computer Generated Design Drawings I got this sort of CAD software I downloaded from an engineering BBS to help draw the drum.
  3. Cutting the wood Have a look at a whole bunch of angular cuts made with a band saw.
  4. Gluing main sections The Easy part! You just smear glue all over the place and slap wood together; Nothing to it!
  5. Shaping and Sanding The Hard part! A lot of elbow grease required, but worth it!
  6. Bloody Body Parts! Getting Close! Sections of the drum are coming together.
  7. The Drum Head It wouldn't be a drum without this handy little item!
  8. :IT IS A DRUM!! The drum is now a reality!! Let's party!
  9. Comments? Send me mail.